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Obamacare: Surprise! Your Plan Won’t Cut It

Barak Obama-United States-PoliticsFrankly, I get tired of bashing Obama everyday. You know? I wish he’d do one thing I could agree with… like tell the truth for once or something.

Not gonna happen.

Remember, ‘If You Like Your Health Care Plan You Can’t Keep It’?

Let’s try to be nice here. Either the President was lying when he made this claim, or somebody — probably you and me — wasted a whole lot of money putting him through Columbia and Harvard.

And, of course, all of this is news to the obligatory 50 percent of clueless Americans (mostly twenty- and thirty-something liberal mush brains) who never wanted a health care plan to begin with. What? I didn’t know he meant meeee!

Hot Air has been all over this for years, so here’s Ed Morrissey’s take:

Hot Air:

It’s a nice catch by Investors Business Daily’s John Merline, but not exactly a shock to anyone who understood the real dynamics of the uninsured before ObamaCare.  Advocates for a government-imposed overhaul of the health-care industry regularly decried the 47 million uninsured at that time (now 48 million) as if it was a monolithic bloc of people clamoring for insurance but who had no way to access it. Now, their own surveys show that half of their target market has no interest in health insurance anyway:

Let’s leave aside for a minute the oddity of this effort. Its backers have endlessly touted ObamaCare as a miracle of modern government that will at long last bring insurance within reach of 48 million people who desperately want it. Besides, the law mandates that everyone buy ObamaCare coverage.

So why the need for a big marketing push at all?

Once you look at the marketing slides the HHS has produced, you find the answer.

It turns out that the Democrats and the Obama administration apparently didn’t bother to investigate who these uninsured people actually are before they forced through a $1.8 trillion plan to help them.

What they’ve learned since is that more than half of the 48 million who the government says are uninsured aren’t interested in health insurance, which is why they don’t bother to buy it in the first place.

The administration now admits that vast numbers of the uninsured will be unlikely to respond to ObamaCare’s marketing pitches. 

Read it all, but after you do, be sure and read this post from almost four years ago, too.  You can also read Cato Institute’s analysis from the same period, or even our own Jazz Shaw at his former stomping grounds discussing the same data long before Democrats managed to shove ObamaCare through a gimmicky reconciliation package seven months later.

Heck, even the Census Bureau ran up a red flag at the time… [More]

For the next 30 years after he leaves office, Barack will flying around to pro am golf tournaments in his GulfStream, telling us that the ObamaCare we now have is not the ObamaCare he designed and signed into law.

It will no doubt be George W. Bush or Sarah Palin or a presently unknown Republican’s fault that old people are suffering and dying because some bureaucrat thinks they’re not worth the money to keep alive.

And most Americans will still believe he’s a nice guy.

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