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Gutfeld Eviscerates Harris-Perry, MSNBC For ‘Collectivism’ Spot

1_61_320_gutfeld_gregSince the mid-1950s, Hollywood and the left wing media have turned ‘communist’ into a sort of N-word for pseudo-intellectuals. No one uses it anymore.

But we think it’s due for a comeback.

MSNBC’s latest ‘Lean Forward’ spot smacks of the plain old fashioned twentieth century communist crap we grew up hating. Where is Herbert A. Philbrick when you need him?

The promotion, fronted by the cable news channel’s Melissa Harris-Perry, had Sarah Palin hot enough to thaw a glacier, and it has revved up other conservatives like we’ve not seen for some time.

Okay, the so-called mainstream media are pimping for a complete government takeover of the family, ala 1990s Hillary Rodham Clinton. Disturbing. But it is also hilarious to see a Greg Gutfeld dismember the arguments of those who Vladimir Lenin called ‘useful idiots,’ like Harris-Perry and Bob Beckel.

Excerpted from Mediaite:

Meanwhile, Greg Gutfeld saw a curious “inconsistency” in what Harris-Perry said, asking if “children belong to the community, does that include the unborn?” He answered his own question, “Of course not.” Later Gutfeld called MSNBC’s decision to run the promo the “dumbest thing” they’ve done “since hiring Keith Olbermann.”

Liberal co-host Bob Beckel tried to defend Harris-Perry to some degree, but that wasn’t so easy with the four other hosts going so hard the other way. While he said he understood what she was trying to say about children being part of a larger community, he thought that “collective is a bad choice of words” because of that word’s association with socialism.

Aside from Beckel’s small attempts to explain a more benign interpretation of what Harris-Perry said in the promo, the other hosts mostly echoed what Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and other critics of the video have been voicing since it first emerged over the weekend, only at a slightly louder volume.

Watching Beckel scramble to tack a new frame on this ancient piece of elitist garbage was side-splitting. It doesn’t ‘take a village to raise a child,’ but it does take a village idiot to explain it.

NBC should just take off the mask; no one with a brain believes the network has an objective producer or journalist in the corporation. If they keep this up — and there is no reason to believe they will not — the once venerated ‘Peacock Network’ will be sucking up National Endowment for the Humanities’ dollars like a runaway Hoover.

4 comments on “Gutfeld Eviscerates Harris-Perry, MSNBC For ‘Collectivism’ Spot

  1. Tallgrass Palms
    April 11, 2013

    RegularRightGuy……..I like your writing style,keep up the good work.

  2. Tallgrass Palms
    April 12, 2013

    Yes, my wife and I do. I’ll be bringing in more friends.

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