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Is Barack ‘Cool and Calm’ In Crises, Or Is It Something Else?

UPDATE: OBAMA USES ‘T-WORD’ TWICE! 1275201678obama_dark_background

L.A. TIMES: WASHINGTON — The FBI is investigating the double bombings at the Boston Marathon as an “act of terrorism,” President Obama said Tuesday as he vowed to find the perpetrators of what he called a “heinous and cowardly act.” [More]

This is a good thing. Now if Sen. Feinstein will just get busy and convene a committee to outlaw pressure cookers

The reason we didn’t exercise restraint in blaming President Obama for his silence in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, is because about two years ago we decided to just blame everything on him.

Jobs, the economy, immigration, climate change… Harrison Ford’s bad hair, we blame it all on Barack H. Obama. Just kidding, Harry.

This is especially true during times of national crises, when it would be refreshing to have a leader around for a change.

I mean think about it. The one time he did step up immediately, he advised us not to rush to judgment after the Ft. Hood Massacre, like Nidal Malik Hasan may have been speaking in tongues instead of screaming Allahu Akbar before gunning down more than 40 soldiers, killing thirteen. Then, he dragged his ass for nearly two weeks during the Deepwater Horizon blowout, even refusing an immediate offer by Holland to loan us the use of their oil skimmers. And he didn’t let the Christmas Day Bombing attempt disturb his Hawaiian vacation, waiting four days before addressing the American people.

But perhaps most importantly, the President spent the entire night snuggled under his nah-nah while our consulate in Benghazi was under attack and four Americans were being murdered. Ambassador who? Call me in the morning; I’m sleeping.

Tonight Bill O’Reilly said he wasn’t concerned that the President didn’t refer to the attack in Boston as terrorism. The President ‘did his job today,’ O’Reilly said. He didn’t call it terrorism because he likes to remain ‘cool and calm’ in situations like this.

There’s another word for it. Sociopathic.

We needed angry today, not cool and calm. We needed mad as hell and we’ll get the diaper-head SOB who did this. Oops! That last remark was uncalled for and we would like to apologize profusely for making such an insensitive blah blah blah blah.

Why is it even the conservative media do not hold President Obama accountable for his inaction and slow responses to national crises? He waited nearly three hours today before addressing the American people.

As we said in our rushed earlier post, George W. Bush was in front of a microphone within minutes of the 9-11 attacks reassuring the American people, yet the media portrayed him as confused and indecisive under pressure.

And what about the statement?

Boston has all of the earmarks of a coordinated Islamist operation, but whether or not Muslims carried it out, there is one thing of which we can be absolutely assured, it was a terrorist attack, by somebody.

So why could not President Obama say this in his first statement? And is the President really simply cool and calm, or could it be that he just doesn’t care all that much?

We are offering up a prayer tonight for the wounded, victims’ families, and the heroic  responders and medical teams who are treating them.

2 comments on “Is Barack ‘Cool and Calm’ In Crises, Or Is It Something Else?

  1. Cedar
    April 17, 2013

    Obama would rather hang out in his bedroom in his pajamas with his ear plugs in. The ad that he could not answer the 3 am call was right on target . . . but then again the bag lady who ran the ad didn’t do any better when the phone from Benghazi rang late at night.

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