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Is Obama Covering For Saudi Bombing Suspect?

alharbi5Okay, Regular Right Guy isn’t a huge Alex Jones fan, but I’ve learned to go with a Drudge headline when he posts it.

Is Barack Obama covering up for Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the student initially suspected in the Boston Marathon Bombing, who was abruptly cleared?

Why did the President suddenly take an unscheduled meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal at the White House yesterday, apparently agreeing to deport the Arab student for “national security” reasons?

Ah, “one of the prettiest sounds on earth,” the “Muslim call to prayer at sunset” or whatever. Don’t it just make y’all homesick for Dearborn?

Infowars via Drudge:

The Saudi “person of interest” suspected of being involved in the Boston Marathon bombings is being deported from the United States next week on “national security grounds,” according to a terrorism expert, who notes that the move is “very unusual,” especially given an unscheduled meeting yesterday between President Obama and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal.

The attempt to cover up a possible Saudi connection to the Boston attack could explain why authorities are scrambling to get their official narrative straight after photos emerged yesterday on the Internet showing numerous suspects carrying large backpacks, some of them middle eastern in appearance and two of the individuals having been almost certainly identified as employees of private military/security firm Craft International.

The FBI had set a press conference for 5pm EST yesterday afternoon but the event was cancelled hours after the photos were seen by millions of people online. The federal agency blamed the media for erroneous reporting, stating, “these stories often have unintended consequences.”

CNN also had to backtrack after they announced that a suspect had been arrested, a report that was subsequently denied by authorities. Reports of a “dark skinned man” being arrested were later mothballed.

According to terrorism expert Steve Emerson, 20-year-old Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the Saudi national first suspected of being involved in Monday’s twin bomb attack, is being hastily deported. Alharbi was put under armed guard in hospital after the bombing, was visited by Saudi diplomat Azzam bin Abdel Karim, and later had his apartment raided by federal and state law enforcement agents.

“I just learned from my own sources that he is now going to be deported on national security grounds next Tuesday, which is very unusual,” Emerson told Fox News last night. [More]

Are the Feds putting up a straw man with the mysterious photos of supposed suspects at the finish line with backpacks?

The scary thing here is how hard authorities and their media pimps seem to be pushing the “lone wolf” and “domestic terrorist” angle. Yes, it was Tax Day, but so far we have not seen one shred of an indication that the bombing was the work of inbred tax dodgers from the Ozarks.

If these bombs were the work of Saudi nationals, then the administration has some ‘splainin’ to do. The Feds have been pleading for help, yet anytime someone mentions a Muslim they go PC ape-sh_ _. It is time for Americans to get seriously PO’d with the PC crap.

If the administration is covering for the Saudi family (of which Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi is almost certainly a member) it is difficult to blame this entirely on Obama, though. It is the way the U.S. has done business with the Saudis for decades. Ninety percent of al Qaeda leadership have connections to the Saudi household.

This kind of stuff happens when our lawmakers to refuse to develop our own resources while importing our enemy’s oil by the shiploads.

HT Drudge Report

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