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MSM and the Boston Bomber: Stat! Ready the Prozac Drip!

celebs letterman show 170309Okay, just because you’ve murdered and maimed dozens of innocent people who were just out for a fun day with their families, it doesn’t mean you’re not a nice person.

This will be the thrum of the MSM, limp-wrist pundits and lefty loons over the weeks that follow. If we can just understand Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, maybe we will better understand ourselves and the society that created him… and stuff.

“Tamerlan maybe felt like he didn’t belong, and he might have brainwashed Dzhokhar into some radical view that twisted things in the Koran,” said David Remnick in a New Yorker essay picked up by John Nolte at Big Journalism today. “Dzhokhar’s Twitter feed—@J_tsar—is a bewildering combination of banality and disaffection. (He seems to have been tweeting even after the explosions at the finish line last Monday.) As you scan it, you encounter a young man’s thoughts: his jokes, his resentments, his prejudices, his faith, his desires.

“March 14, 2012—a decade in america already, I want out …

“The American dream wasn’t for everyone. What they could not anticipate was the abysmal fate of their sons, lives destroyed in a terror of their own making. The digital era allows no asylum from extremism, let alone from the toxic combination of high-minded zealotry and the curdled disappointments of young men. A decade in America already, I want out.” [emphasis ours]

“The curdled disappointments of young men”?

What, somebody tied him down and made him watch Real Housewives of Miami? You are not serious, right? Psychoanalyzing this evil little bastard by his Twitter feed? I hear Charlie Manson plays a mean six-string, and we all know how many disappointments he had — not even including the Tate-LaBiancas.

Oh, lest we forget, Tamerlan was a Muslim boxer. That’s so… What’s the word I’m looking for? Uh… Muslim boxer!

This is the as-yet-to-be-defined kind of stupid we can expect in the days to come from the Left as they attempt to soften Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s image. They will blather and hypothesize and try to rationalize his abhorrent actions like a Park Avenue shrink on a Vanderbilt.

What is this about?

Well, in an astonishingly uncharacteristic act of good sense, the Obama administration has not advised the Chechnyan-born terrorist of his rights. Somebody forgot, right? I expected Eric Holder to put Tsarnaev up in the Four Seasons and pipe in “My Azerbaijani Baby” on Muzak.

Full Caf Americano

Now we will have Miranda Watch.

The media will not like it that Tsarnaev is being treated as an enemy combatant. Hell, Rand Paul won’t even like it. But when someone takes up arms against his or her country, we believe they forfeit certain rights.

The Boston Marathon bombing was not a crime; it was an act of war that far too many Americans refuse to acknowledge exists.

If Americans don’t turn off The Family Guy and wake up to the very personal threat of the Islamic jihad we will see many more Bostons in the future. Radical Islam is dedicated to its caliphate, and Balkan- and Caucasian-born Muslims are the most dedicated and brutal of the bunch.


One comment on “MSM and the Boston Bomber: Stat! Ready the Prozac Drip!

  1. Duffy
    April 22, 2013

    This is so right on….this country had better wake up & acknowledge these killers as our enemy…..they don’t even have to be connected to al Qaeda as they all have the same goal…..they hate anyone that is not a Muslim

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