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Immigration Reform, or Fools’ Kabuki?

130127_schumer_durbin_menendez_bennet_graham_flake_mccain_rubio_ap_605Marco Rubio is being an opportunistic prig for trying to convince the American people that The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 is immigration reform. There, that didn’t hurt a bit. Prig? Did I really use the word prig?

No, really. I hate saying that but it’s true. This guy should be spectacular. He is the quintessential American story. Instead, he dares lecture conservatives on immigration as though we are a half-quart low on empathy. Or worse, racists. Which of course is a left-wing argument.

First, let’s dispel this whole “compassionate conservative” hokum. Real conservatives are compassionate. It’s the RINOs and Democrats who have fostered the inhumanity on our southern border. Thousands have been sold into slavery, tortured and murdered on the road north.

The Bushes seem to be a good and decent family, but they wouldn’t have a clue about how to live in the twenty-first century without Secret Service agents mowing their lawns and piggybacking them out of airplanes.

Let’s get this straight: It is not racist or even discompassionate to want to know that one’s gardener’s resume does not include: Last Position: Five years: Matamoros serial killer.

The idea that we should not be using enormous caution in allowing anyone into our country is certifiable. People are trying to kill us!

Who are we fooling? Rubio and his Gang of Eight — known in Democrat circles as the Gang of Four and Four Really Easy to Punk Republicans — haven’t had the slightest intention of reforming immigration.

Until Boston, they were simply trying to find a way to legalize between eleven and 20 million interlopers without getting tossed out of office in their home states.

The Kabuki the Left has labeled as “immigration reform” breaks down in two parts: what to do with the free riders who are already here, and eventual Southern border security. There has been virtually no talk about the 80,000 legal aliens who are here on student visas, 15,000 of whom haven’t attended a day of school.

Neither has there been a lot of discussion on just what qualifications an individual should have before he or she is even considered for entry into the U.S. Educating potential Saudi terrorists and Chinese hackers should not be high on our priorities list when it comes to visa qualifications.

Roger Ailes must have waterboarded Bob Beckel, but the guy is right on the dime with his suggestion that we place a moratorium on these two categories. But a moratorium on all immigration should be enacted until sane new policies are written.

Immigration is not a right, and this new legislation only benefits the Democratic Party’s political agenda.

Congress’s job is to secure every portal in which entry can be made into the United States; assuring that only individuals and families who wish to come here have the skills or education to be viable in our society, and that they do not present potential danger to the country.

Marco Rubio’s job does not entail following the advice of some doughy bean counter in a fruitless effort to recruit Hispanic votes for the Republican Party, or, more obviously, his future political aspirations.


One comment on “Immigration Reform, or Fools’ Kabuki?

  1. Cedar
    April 28, 2013

    It’s not rocket science to figure out that we need to secure the borders on all sides before attempting anything else, if at all. And, yes, the US need to be more selective about the types of people imported. We certainly don’t need more bombers and welfare recipients.

    Do these gangsters think they smarter than everyone else? Mario is merely thinking about 2016. Forget about the other seven. They either perverts or have become senile. So, why should anyone listen to them?

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