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White House Correspondent’s Dinner: How Bad Was He?

White-House-Correspondents-Dinner-2013_5_1He was so bad, the thrill on Chris Matthews’s leg ran the other direction. He was so bad, Michelle’s hair tried to book a return flight to Singapore.

Why do Republicans go to these things, anyway? You’d think Newt Gingrich would’ve gotten the hint, when they seated him next to the inbred cracker from Duck Dynasty. Even Tom Brokaw admits that the thing has degenerated into a “narcissistic freak show.”

There hasn’t been a funny headliner in two decades. Invariably, these self-important hacks hire someone to trash the president, if he’s Republican, and all but slip the president the tongue if he’s Democrat.

I was going to beat up on Conan O’Brien, but I think we have to cut the guy some slack for staying away from the ostensible reason comedians are invited to headline. O’Brien couldn’t have copped a laugh from a roomful of drunken Rotarians last night, but who can blame him?

POTUS 44 is not a man who can take a shot to the nose. So where else could O’Brien go to land a shot on someone who can take it, other than the conservative media?

The President’s own remarks last night demonstrated what conservatives already know; he is small. The man cannot take a joke, and therefore cannot make one.

In fairness, on some level it runs in the liberal gene pool. Don Imus is the last speaker who risked taking a real swipe at a sitting Democratic president. That was Imus’s now infamous “Astro Turf” comment, directed at Bill Clinton at the 1996 Radio and Television Correspondents’ dinner; and the sanctimonious media backlash was scathing.

Republican presidents in recent memory — Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush — all made self-depreciating presentations about their missteps in office, only occasionally directing lighthearted remarks at their critics.

Not Barack. Barack has to destroy his detractors. Sure, he can drop a few lines about throwing bricks on the court, but one has the impression that Barack Obama is incapable of genuine self-deprecation, that he truly doesn’t get it. What’s to laugh at? I’m me… and that is a beautiful thing, man.


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