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Benghazi and the Marathon Bombing: The Proverbial ‘Other Shoes’

President-ObamaIn 1985, four Soviet diplomats were taken hostage by terrorist in West Beirut. This happened at roughly the same time a similar group captured and murdered CIA Beirut station chief William Buckley.

Except the Russians reacted far differently than the U.S. to the kidnapping of their diplomats. They immediately sent in their Alpha Group, an elite commando unit, accompanied by KGB agents, and identified the perpetrators.

The KGB took hostage family members of the terrorists. The next day the terrorists received body parts via courier.  And the next day after that, all four Soviet hostages were released unharmed.

Muslim terrorists did not molest another Russian diplomat again until 2006.

While no lover of democracy can justify the Soviets’ actions, the story does demonstrate the stark contrast in the way in which the Russians view terrorism, as opposed to the United States.

The Russians clearly addressed this terrorist plot as an act of war; America did not. Buckley was brutally tortured and murdered; the Russians went home to their families.

In the aforementioned case, remarkably, the Russians defended their national sovereignty more aggressively than the U.S. had done since the 1904 Perdicaris incident, when Teddy Roosevelt sent gunships to Morocco to rescue an American hostage. Even then Roosevelt’s actions were mostly show muscle.

In contrast to either event, however, Barack Obama apparently slept through Ansar al-Sharia’s attack on our Benghazi consulate last September, and is certainly muddling his way through the handling of the Marathon Bombing case of April 15.

We would know more about Obama’s actions in both of these cases were it not for the mainstream media’s hot-sheet motel romance with the President, but there you go.

And, now, since Eric Holder put the kybosh on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s interrogation, quite obviously, the other shoe has dropped.

We now know that, in all likelihood the Tsarnaev brothers were involved with others in a much wider plot than the authorities have led Americans to believe; and it draws a startling portrait of the Obama administration’s skewed understanding of radical Islam.

This administration has now purposely mischaracterized two major terrorist incidents that have been perpetrated against the American people: Benghazi and the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Jay Carney was right about one thing yesterday, though. Benghazi was “a long time ago.” Eight months is a long time not to have apprehended any of the terrorists who attacked our consulate, and a long, long time for Congress not to have heard testimony from even one of the Americans who survived the attack.

KATHUNK. If any more shoes drop, the administration will be able to subsidize White House tours with its own Footlocker franchise.

The Marathon Bombing and Benghazi paint a glaring abstract of the way the Obama administration views international Islamist jihad. The administration seemingly continues to see virtually every terrorist attack as a one-off or random act having nothing to do with the worldwide jihad.

I am not one who believes that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim, but neither do I believe he is ignorant of the worldwide rise of Islamofascism, or of its immediate threat to U.S. security. Obama has clearly been complacent.

The only question that remains is whether or not he and his administration will get away with their scandalous handling of these two acts of war.

2 comments on “Benghazi and the Marathon Bombing: The Proverbial ‘Other Shoes’

  1. Tallgrass Palms
    May 3, 2013

    I agree that he is not a secret Muslim however he must have a high level of simpatico with them; his father was Muslim, his African family is Muslim, his step-father was Muslim and for a time he was schooled in Muslim sponsored institutions. His closest advisor seems to be Muslim or at least a sympathizer. He seems to believe that if I “play nice”, don’t say anything to offend, compliment Islam every chance I get, blame every terrorist act against the United States on isolated crackpots, put down the United States and turn the other cheek every time we are violated, then everyone will like me and the terrorists will go someplace else to do their dirty work. His is a policy of weakness, indecisiveness and apeasement……not what you’d expect from a super-power.

    The Benghazi Incident is probably the largest presidential scandal, maybe ever. It involves cowardice, extreme incompetence, naivety, coordinated coverup, continuous lying to the American public, threats to those whom want to tell the truth and death for four Americans who were sacrificed for political expediency. Lets hope it leads to public outrage, his resignation and the end of a failed experiment where skin color took precedence over intelligence, competence and experience.

    • Regular Right Guy
      May 3, 2013

      Oh yes. No question. The guy’s super pro-Islamic. Incredible he doesn’t know that as a ‘lapsed Muslim’ his would be the first throat they would slit, if they could get to him.

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