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Gosnell: The Truth Media Cannot Escape

Screen-Shot-2013-04-12-at-1.20.56-PMThe Gosnell trial is coming to a close in Philadelphia and the wider media have only begun to cover it, and only barely.

It would be laughable that anyone googling the trial would come up with a CBS file at the top of the stack, were it not that the horror has rendered anything remotely related to this monstrous nightmare far beyond laughable.

Some have suggested the media have evaded the trial because of pro-choice bias or the “gory nature” of the trial, or even because Gosnell is a black man. One or all of these may be at least part of the reason, but the truth is probably more shocking.

Media commentary has been around as long as the printing press. But only in the last 50 years have journalist begun to lace their personal opinions into the news. We are now used to it.

So it will surprise no one that these self-same journalists who have abetted the “If we can just save one life” meme when it comes to depriving citizens’ rights to bear arms, have cheered from the sidelines as a million babies a year have been slaughtered, for 40 years.

There are almost certainly other Kermit Gosnells operating similar death mills across the country, and, if so, how would a complicit media cover and avalanche of mounting abortion scandals?

What happens when the public finds that the “back alley abortionist” (a term almost certainly coined by a journalist) has come to Main Street? Who knows, if the public learns that these Josef Mengele-style monsters are more a rule than an exception, “life” could actually make a comeback.

Full Caf Americano

The Kermit Gosnells are easy. When the sanctity of one life is diminished in the psyche, all life is diminished. Once Ted Bundy persuaded himself that one life was meaningless he killed; the more he killed, the easier the killing became. Before long Ted found killing routine. As do thousands of doctors each year.

This is not a spiritual argument, nor should it be deeply intellectual. If something is growing inside a human womb, short of alien abduction it is probably human. So we wrap ourselves in a monumentally bad law created out of whole cloth by six rogue justices on the Supreme Court? Because Diane Sawyer supports it?

This is not a religious blog but the religious argument is even stronger: if man is a living soul, then this nation has been doing something very wicked for a very long time.

In the coming days the jury in Philadelphia will in some small way express the heart of the whole of American society on the disposition of our most precious right: life. And its decision on Kermit Gosnell will be telling.

Just how deep does this national sociopathy of “choice” run?

3 comments on “Gosnell: The Truth Media Cannot Escape

  1. Tallgrass Palms
    May 6, 2013

    We think of ourselves as an enlightened society and are quick to condemn the holocaust in Europe, the killing fields in Cambodia and we say “we must never allow this to happen again” yet right here, under our noses, 50 million children have been murdered, mostly as a form of birth control. What kind of society are we, really?

  2. Cedar
    May 7, 2013

    It’s not only the Gosnells of the world that are guilty of this crime, but also the women who choose to visit the Gosnells for abortions and participate in the baby killing. I cannot understand how people have become so callous as to ignore the cries of the helpless little souls.

    • Regular Right Guy
      May 7, 2013

      Yes, well it begins when we turn our schools over to a liberal establishment who teach children that a baby isn’t a baby until the government says it is. We now have three generations who have been educated in ‘reproductive rights’ and have been desensitized to the reality that a human heart beats inside that womb.

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