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Cleveland Police Chief Supports Obama Gun Grab

a02-ariel-castro-08-4_3_r536_c534Mojo is primarily a political blog, but even with everything else that is happening it is difficult to avoid the events unfolding in Cleveland. If you’ve ever wondered why there was never a “CPD Blue” or “CSI: Cleveland” series on television, this could be a tell. Three young women missing from the same neighborhood, within months of each other and no one puts that together?

Not to be prematurely critical of law enforcement, but Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath is one of the morons who is backing Barack Obama’s attack on Second Amendment rights. Somehow that would be less than comforting, were I a citizen of Cleveland.

Cleveland had 5,435 violent crimes last year, coming in at 13.8-crimes-per-1, 000 people; that is nearly 10 above the national median of 3.9 violent crimes per person. So no deep well Chief McGrath.

It is hard to believe no one saw any of these abductions going down, but blue-collar Democrats are a little slow. This is not a hard and fast rule, but generally any group of 10 or more Eastern trade union members have a combined IQ of about 74. So there’s that, as well.

The point is, a monster was in their midst for 15 years, the police didn’t have a clue and the neighbors didn’t know from nothin’, to use a colloquialism. It’s a miracle these women survived.

What prevents a crime like this? Well, Regular Right Guy always instructs his loved ones to never, ever allow an assailant to isolate them. Be prepared to stand and fight right where you are. I also advise everyone, but especially women, to carry a gun, regardless of what your jerk-off governor and various city councils have to say about it. We ascribe to the old “better to be tried by 12 than carried by six” axiom.

Over the years I must have met a few thousand anti-gun liberals and to the man and woman, almost invariably, these people know nothing about firearms.

What always stands out about them is the detached ethereal way they seem to view violence; a kind of “things always work out in the end”, as though life were a movie or television series. In the cases of men I’ve known with this attitude almost all I can remember did not have strong father-son relationships.

Of course these are the guys who jump up on tables and dance the Zumba when a cockroach gets inside the house. They see 9-1-1 as an emergency hotline, which it almost never is.

I honor and respect our law enforcement authorities, but the truth is they almost always arrive after the crime has been committed. So reach for the phone when you want a report filled out; reach for Smith & Wesson when you have an emergency.

It’s impossible to know if the oldest of these young women could have avoided the nightmarish ordeal she experienced had she been armed, but what I do know is that trained and armed citizens are more apt to survive a violent confrontation.

Say a prayer that these young women will recover quickly a fully.

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