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Carney: It’s the CIA’s Fault… and Everybody Does It

images“What? There’s gambling in this establishment?” Jay Carney should go into situation comedy. Today at the White House press briefing he did the best shtick since Kramer invented the Butter Shave.

The briefing is ongoing and the media are providing our laugh track. Wow, first someone hooks up the defibrillator and gives Bob Schieffer a jumpstart, and then Jonathan Karl decides to show up for work for a change. Suddenly everybody’s Fox News.

Jay Carney repeatedly (“and I’m only happy to repeat it”), well, repeated that the Obama administration did not exactly, positively, 100 percent say that a U.S. video mocking Islam inflamed a mob to attack our Benghazi consulate. Which wasn’t a consulate at all, really. It was something but not a consulate. Which is an important distinction… Besides, this is all a distraction.

Look you guys. Barack Obama said the word “terrorist.” He did! No really. Barack H. Obama believes in terrorists more than… than… than anybody.

The good news? Carney’s performance wasn’t even rehearsed. At all. Period.

That video thing was of course was an avenue we were exploring but… no, I’m pretty sure we didn’t say that. The Coptic Christian video maker who the administration rounded up and threw in jail might be surprised. But there you go.

So Jay was on the television news today and everything. And that fat Korean kid didn’t steal his act from Chubby Checker.

One comment on “Carney: It’s the CIA’s Fault… and Everybody Does It

  1. Duffy
    May 11, 2013

    Yeah right!! What a performance ……it’s difficult to believe that this group has the cajonies to make such outrageous statements……
    Hillary and Obama told the surviving families we’re gonna get this film maker? Not a word about the killers?
    What a mess, maybe the Teflon is wearing off…..we can only pray
    that it is and soon…….

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