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The Joker: Now It Will Be Less Comfy At the WH Water Cooler

??????????????????????????????????????????????????The Impeach Obama crowd must be out of the woodwork after revelations that the Benghazi cover up has crept inside the White House. Stephen Hayes at The Weekly Standard itemized Jay Carney’s lies and misstatements in yesterday’s presser on Fox News. They were humiliating.

So we are inside the White House now. Carney not only kicked the CIA and State Department under the bus yesterday, he kicked the driver off, stole the bus and tried to run them over. But it must have been running on Obama corn syrup because it conked out.

There is no missing the White House’s fingerprints at every turn in the president’s plot to bury four dead Americans under the jetsam of a presidential campaign juggernaut that refused to slow for speed bumps.

And that is the disgrace: that this administration considered Benghazi little more than a speed bump.

Add to all this the growing suspicion that the Obama White House, or worse, Campaign Obama, may have targeted tea party groups for IRS scrutiny in 2012, and you have a near-Watergate-level scandal. Near, because the media will never allow any Democrat scandal to trump Watergate; Nixon is their Mephistopheles.

But by now only the most ardent Obama media flacks believe that some obscure bean counter in Cleveland singled out the president’s political adversaries during a campaign he was determined to win at any cost.

So confident has the president been about the media’s adoration that he has even joked in the past about auditing his enemies. He would surely like to reel that one back in, but why shouldn’t he have been confident? Before yesterday the hacks had run cover for every slipshod decision and lame excuse he has made.

John Bolton was right when he said Benghazi has the potential to topple the administration; it would bring down any other presidency. It will not bring down this one though.

Heads will roll in the White House, and other places in the administration, to atone for what will eventually be admitted “mistakes.” Swords are being sharpened as I write for the fallers’ on to be. But Obama will survive.

Now that blood has been let the media can no longer ignore the story; the administrations blundering has embarrassed them. But that is a long way from driving a stake through Obama’s flagging second term.

Forget it. Obama will not be impeached. Whether he deserves it or not. I don’t want him impeached, but even if I did it will never happen. The liberal fringe would have you believe Republicans are salivating, but the GOP will never hang itself with the legacy of having given the boot to the first black president.

And you shouldn’t want it either. It is doubtful the republic could endure an Obama impeachment.

Barack Obama is the worst president in our history. He didn’t have to be, but he is. He set out to destroy the American dream because he is a socialist and believes the idea of “Imperialist America” at its core is bad. No matter how one couches the term (socialist is a media N-word) he is a leftist, far removed from anything most Americans recognize as democratic.

And that should be his legacy: Even if it were possible, he should not be impeached and drummed out of office; he should be known for who he is and what he tried and failed to accomplish.

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7 comments on “The Joker: Now It Will Be Less Comfy At the WH Water Cooler

  1. Duffy
    May 12, 2013

    You’re right, he will never be impeached but he could throw Hillary under the bus…regardless of how they behave around each other, they are NOT friends….he might think , we’ll just find someone else to run….he has such a huge ego that he won’t let anyone step on him.,,,,,,, he may not be a Muslim but he has the same philosophy. Meaning, that the ends justifies the means …..
    So, again , you’re right some heads will roll, maybe even Carney’s

    • Regular Right Guy
      May 12, 2013

      I think he’d be wise to stay clear of Hillary; she is bound to have an ace up her sleeve. Someone suggested Panetta will fall on the sword because he has noting to lose. This will get nastier but I think the media is largely saving face. Fox has made fools of them.

      • Tallgrass Palms
        May 12, 2013

        You are right….he won’t be kicked out of office even though he should be. He is black and is held to a much lower standard than a white male president would be and white america doesn’t have the stomach for a “high-tech lynching of another black” so he will slide by until his pathetic term is up and slink out of the White House, probably in the middle of the night. He is clearly the worst president in our history because he is incompetent, surrounds himself with incompetence, morally corrupt, immature and is really a small person inside. His smallness has manifested itself in numerous incidents however his refusal to help our people in Benghazi when they were begging for help over a period of several hours leaves me with an intense dislike for him as a human being, so intense that I can’t describe it. We can only hope that after this is over people will be so disgusted with this failed social experiment that it won’t happen again soon; although, with so many lo-info voters it probably will.

  2. Cedar
    May 13, 2013

    Regular Right Guy, are you going soft on us? Why don’t you want him impeached? I do, and probably a majority of the rest of the country does too.

    • Regular Right Guy
      May 13, 2013

      Nooo. Make no mistake, I believe Barack Obama is a criminal. But the nation is deeply polarized. Right now we have a chance to ride this out and regain the nation we once knew. But mark my words, an impeachment would irrevocably divide us. I think our best bet is to make him a ‘bad case of the flu’ in American history.

      • Cedar
        May 14, 2013

        It’s more like a cancer that keeps growing and growing – scandal after scandal, one bad thing after another, and the a**hole not taking responsibility for any of it, and stupid people protecting him like they have no brains of their own. Where’s America’s sense of moral outrage? This country is already polarized. We are already in a bad situation and it’s only getting worse day by day. Perhaps getting more deeply polarized is the price we have to pay to get rid of this cancer before it eats us alive. God help us!

      • Regular Right Guy
        May 15, 2013

        Understand your frustration and agree with so much of what you say. We’ll get through this, but I wonder who we’ll be when we do.

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