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White House Enemies List: The Sequel?

Obama-sweatingThe IRS-Tea Party scandal is no longer the IRS-Tea Party scandal; it now appears to be the IRS-Obama Enemies scandal.

Office pool: How many times this week will the lefty media say “Nixonian”?

As information continues to roll in it is becoming clear that the near-autonomous arm of the U.S. Treasury Department has been targeting, not only tea party groups, but virtually anyone who has spoken out against the government.

And at least one high-ranking IRS official knew about  attempts to target what is looking more and more like a Democrat enemies list, and may have even lied to Congress about it.

Big Note: The inquisition extended to pro-Israel groups, as well.

Those who regularly read Mojo are aware that we have maintained all along that President Obama has anti-Israel-anti-Jewish leanings. Not because of any personal knowledge on our part, but because of his anti-Semitic Black Liberation Theology religious doctrine. No one stays in a church for 20 years who doesn’t believe what the pastor is preaching, especially while claiming an intimate friendship with that pastor.

The blogosphere and news services are literally boiling this morning with sidebars to this. The Daily Caller is rebooting its story from a year ago that someone inside IRS illegally released confidential donor information on a contribution Mitt Romney made to the National Organization for Marriage.

Now WSJ and Reuters are leading with a new timeline: this apparently began during the 2010 midterms. No! No! No! You did not say that! Next thing you know, Republicans are going to claim this had something to do with electing Democrats and stuff. Republicans “politicize” everything.

Hillary Clinton must be relieved. Benghazi is the kind of ugly she can’t cover up with a tacky pantsuit, and suddenly no one’s looking at her.

Get ready for the Full Alinsky on this one, folks. If this goes anywhere outside of the IRS—and, c’mon, we all know it does—Obama may have to pull David Axelrod out of mothballs.

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