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Now Holder: Ew, That Smell…

21010__5471883786_3c9a98d120Okay, this sounded like a good idea, as they say, at the time. The IRS releases an apology admitting that certain ‘low-level employees’ in Cincinnati may have gone… well, did go outside of policy and… um, well… um… targeted… okay targeted, a few groups that have, like, ‘tea’ or ‘party’ or ‘constitution’ or ‘better’ or ‘America’ or ‘flag’ or… well, everybody who bought a Rush Limbaugh tie during the 1990s.

Okay? Apology made. Then, dang it, the guys who were targeted rejected the danged apology! Which everybody knows you cannot do! You have to accept the apology automatically. Because it’s magnanimous and… fair and… and… and… they’re stupid Republicans, dang it!

Still this could work out because everybody knows the tea parties are, like, the Taliban wing of politics or something. They’re like Sarah Palin dangerous. Who shoots caribou. D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S.

So the press will probably take a pass. Right. Should work out.

Then that maggot-breath Holder at the Justice Department raids AP! And he may have monitored other reporters!!! And the media are MAJOR ROYALLY PO’d. Benghazi. IRS. DOJ. I mean these guys are ticked!

Now it comes out that it wasn’t only Cincinnati and it wasn’t only ‘tea’ and ‘party’ and ‘constitution’ and ‘flag’ but ‘Jews’ and ‘evangelicals’ and… and… well, non-Kenyan Americans.

Whew! Good thing the president didn’t know anything about any of this and is outraged and shocked and was out of town—yeah, that’s it, out of town—but will get to the bottom of it. Someday. Soon. When he isn’t too busy with… stuff.


File Under: Barry’s Kids


3 comments on “Now Holder: Ew, That Smell…

  1. Duffy
    May 16, 2013

    Everyone’s forgotten “Fast & Furious” and how about the latest with
    Kathleen Sibelius and illegal raising of funds for Obamacare outside of congress. This administration will try anything they want to accomplish their goals …the ends always justify the means with this group. To hell with anyone that gets in their way……..

    • Tallgrass Palms
      May 16, 2013

      Someone on the internet recently referred to this guy as “weasel face” and, you know, I’m beginning to see the resemblance.

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