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Is This Obamagate?

U.S. President Barack Obama wipes his face as he participates in a town hall meeting in Costa MesaWhen Hollywood filmed “All the President’s Men” they had to enhance the seriousness of the crimes to keep it interesting. If they ever film Obamagate (I can see Spielberg and Scorsese fighting for the script) they will have to cut out ethics violations and criminal acts to keep it under four hours.

Okay, Obamagate? Well, I know it’s a little tired, but I really think this deserves a “-gate”, don’t you? I mean there’s Benghazi, the IRS Targeting, and AP-gate… Well, AP is the media and will almost certainly bestow itself with its very own -gate without my help. But overall, I think we have an Obama-gate.

Then there are all the subplots. Like Obama “firing” an IRS commissioner who was already leaving in two weeks, and installing the person who was most likely behind the scandal… er, -gate, to head IRS-Obamacare oversight.

Lots of subplots: hiding the IRS probe until after the election; the Justice Dept. using the national security jacket to seize documents, as retaliation against the Associated Press; and Homeland Security’s pro-Islamist deference while pursuing a “no tolerance” policy toward conservative groups.

Let’s not forget that huge pro-Islamic bias in the State Department either. The media—you remember, they’re the ones Obama’s picking on—have all but broken out in the azan to cover up Hillary Clinton-advisor Huma Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the unfolding events of the past few weeks is the sudden media outrage. Let’s face it, Obama and the press corps has to be the greatest love affair since Charlie Sheen used his first swizzle-stick coke straw.

Of course Obama still has his supporters. Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow would switch sexual orientations for the guy. Jonathan Alter… well, deep kissing under the mistletoe at the White House Christmas party is not out of the question. But many in the media have turned the corner, albeit probably for the wrong reasons.

The administration has crossed ethical boundaries and undoubtedly committed crimes to further the extremist agenda Obama set for his presidency. As the story unravels, it is becoming clearer, almost by the minute, that they have intended to end two-party democracy as we know it.

Yep, pretty sure we have a -gate here.

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2 comments on “Is This Obamagate?

  1. Cedar
    May 17, 2013

    Your Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow comment reminds me of something that Brent Bozell said — that Mr. Thrilll Up His Leg would like to bear Obama’s next child.

    Yeh, the media is getting slapped around, but, like abused spouses, they’ll be back in bed with Obama soon.

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