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New Word: ‘Ir-rel-e-vant’

danpfeifferx-largeYou guys who want to keep a gun handy around the house will be thrilled to know you may have been right all along. That just in from former RINO congressman turned Beltway flack Joe Scarborough and his colleague, Piers Morgan.

Joe and Piers are wondering: Wow! If the administration is hacking the AP, who were so deep in the tank for Obama they needed pressure suits, maybe background checks are a bad idea. Maybe, old boy, the government can be tyrannical.

KATHUNK! Why is it Americans always think an English school-boy accent indicates an intelligent life form?

How many communications float buoys have the administration sent up now to distract from the President’s ineptitude on Benghazi? First we were told, Never fear, we will get the filmmaker who made the film that made your loved ones dead. That was way back when Diane Sawyer thought Benghazi was a new Dolce & Gabbana fragrance.

Then they went into: How dare you dare politicize the murder of four Americans that we covered up to get reelected! They followed that with: What difference does it make anyway? And What, that old news? And, I think you are mischaracterizing this as a scandal. Scandals are something Republicans do.

Which is, roughly, the old tried and true Harvard Yard ‘I know you are but what am I?’ ploy. Everybody else did it first. Looky over there, you guys!

What else? Oh, There’s no there there and I don’t know but I’ll have to find out. We could go on.

Finally, just this morning (drum roll), we get the definitive  answer to heretofore mounting administration bungling: Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer informs us that accountability for Benghazi and the AP and IRS scandals—which no one in the administration admits are scandals, mind you—is ‘irrelevant.’

Who edited the Benghazi talking points? Irrelevant. Did the IRS break the law? Irrelevant. Where was the President? Irrelevant.

The important thing is that it never happens again… Until a Republican is in the White House.

Ask me something about Jennifer Hudson’s duet with this season’s American Idol winner Candice Glover, and maybe we can talk.

Charles Krauthammer may be right when he suggests Republicans should not compare Benghazi, IRS Targeting or the AP records seizure to Watergate.

Nixon was just playing the press for chumps.

Obama and his entire administration are playing us.

HT Drudge


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