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IRS Targeting: Blaming Poor Lois

imagesLois Lerner ramped up the action this morning by taking the Fifth. The MSM can get sexy with the inference, but the woman just declared herself a crook.

From this point on the administration’s denials of illegality will ring about as hollow as when Tony Soprano said, “I’m in the waste management business. Everybody immediately assumes you’re mobbed up… and it’s offensive.”

In reading the questionnaires IRS determiners sent tea party and other groups applying for 501-status, one thing stands out. Someone spent a lot of time drafting those interrogatories.

The suggestion that this was simply a mistake is a little like Candy Crowley telling us she got her Rolex by dumping a sack of nuts, screws and springs in the blender and hitting PURÉE. Oops, those questionnaires just… came out!

Lerner’s Hitlerian targeting scheme was almost certainly hatched high up in the administration. But, whether it was or not, it is the kind of thing we have seen surface throughout Obama’s tenure: attacks on religious freedomracial preferencing; the outlandish reinterpretation of the Constitution to satisfy administration goals. And now freedom of the press.

So let’s not just blame poor Lois.

Let’s face it, Barack Obama couldn’t find a good decision in a brain trust. He may be the nefarious dictatorial genius many on the right have claimed, but you couldn’t tell it by the people he has assembled around him.

Lerner may be an Obama zealot or simply a pawn, it probably doesn’t make a lot of difference; the administration if rife with Lois Lerners. These scandals may be criminal or just bureaucrats run amok, but regardless, they were stupid and did not have to happen.

And that is endemic of plain old lousy leadership at the top.

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