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Hijacking a Religion is Dirty Work, but Someone’s Gotta Do It

220513attackMost of you guys in England know about this because you are, well, British and smart and everything. But here in America our MSM are still making up their minds as to whether this is a local story or not. Think. Think. Think. Nope, still not sure.

Yesterday, two young black men went to work hijacking Islam again, and it got… messy is the word I’m going to use here.


A British soldier has been butchered on a busy London street by two Islamist terrorists, one of whom proclaimed afterwards: “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

In the first terrorist murder on the British mainland since the 7/7 suicide bombings of 2005, the men attempted to behead the soldier, hacking at him like a “piece of meat” in front of dozens of witnesses, before both were shot by police who took around 20 minutes to arrive.

After the killing, one of the men, believed to be a British-born Muslim convert, spoke calmly into a witness’s video phone.

Speaking with a London accent, holding a knife and a meat cleaver and with his hands dripping with blood, he said: “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone. Your people will never be safe. The only reason we have done this is because Muslims are dying by British soldiers every day. [Read]

Immediately after said young black men pulled their attempted hijacking of one of the world’s three great religions Prime Minister David Cameron said he’d have to get back to us, but it might be an act of terror.

Let’s face it, only one post-Christian British soldier was murdered. And he was in uniform. Which in and of itself might have provoked the two black guys, who may or may not be terrorists, but who were definitely misguided. Sooooooo… there’s that.

You British have your goofy politicians, too, huh?

Okay, I know I’m slow. But why is it no one tries to hijack my religion? Christians should be feeling left out. Yes, we had the Crusaders in the Middle Ages but I’m looking for something more… contemporary. You know? Because Timothy McVeigh didn’t jump out of the truck and yell, Jesus is Lord!!!

Every time one of these barbarous acts occurs the U.S. media and other liberals click their tongues and go, Another Islam hijacking. Not real Muslims. What, we have to sort? We are not supposed to profile, so how do we know? Invite them to barbecue and offer to let them carve?

Isn’t this kind of like making the N-word worse than the F-word, except for guys in do-rags standing around the 7-Eleven after midnight with Colt 45 in a brown paper bag? That N-word doesn’t count?


How is it that Muslims who commit these atrocities are the ones hijacking the religion, when they are merely doing the same thing Muslims have been doing for 1400 years? It would seem—and excuse me for a little rational thought here—the hijackers are the good Muslims who hate the violence. Tell me someone: Where does a non-violent form Islam exist on this earth? Except for Pakistan, of course… forgot about Pakistan.

Jim Treacher of The Daily Caller (How did a nice boy from Indiana get mixed up with those RINOs?) has a great piece about this in his blog today. He’s funnier than Jamie Weinstein, which is why Tucker is hiding him out.

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One comment on “Hijacking a Religion is Dirty Work, but Someone’s Gotta Do It

  1. Tallgrass Palms
    May 24, 2013

    I wonder if the Brits will now ban chef’s knives and meat cleavers. The poor soldier is just as dead as if shot by an AR-15; in fact, if given a choice, I’d rather be taken out with an automatic rifle than have my head chopped off with a meat cleaver, in front of an audience. These were supposed to be home-boys; my God, I thought these were civilized people there in jolly old England. Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to get back to us.

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