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How Many Republicans Does It Take To Investigate the IRS? 233: 1 to Hold the Gavel and 232 to Be on Greta

I000056Just when I smack down Lindsey Graham for being the like the biggest RINO ever, he does something remotely sane and ruins it. If Graham keeps this up, they should not only give him John McCain’s office, but throw in Arizona to boot.

However, Graham’s calls for a special prosecutor to investigate the Obamagate scandals this week were met with stiff resistance from his own party.

TheDC [Excerpted]:

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday that a special prosecutor should be called upon to investigate the exploding IRS scandal, as well as accusations that the Obama administration’s Department of Justice spied on a Fox News reporter.

“My belief about the IRS scandal is that this culture of going after tea party groups that were on the president’s case about Obamacare did just not accidentally happen. I think it comes from the top in terms of tone,” Graham said in regard to the IRS scandal.

Not all Republicans agree with Graham’s call to action.

“When I can’t do my job because I lack the authority or cooperation, I’ll seek additional remedies,” House oversight committee Chairman Darrell Issa said last week. [Read]

Or when he finds out he’s not ready for primetime, whichever comes first.

Hey, it might work out, but let’s face it, Darrell Issa looks like a Lebanese stereo salesman on TV. If Issa could orate with fire in his eyes like Rand Paul, then maybe. I mean, this is 2013; you gotta have something that says, TV.

It’s a shame, but in this pop-culture addicted society people would rather see Debbie Wasserman Schultz do her jheri-curled JAP-with-a-gun act, than be distracted with salient facts.

Darrell Issa is a real-deal conservative with sincere motives, but Republicans never seem to get media. The only thing he lacks is a bull’s-eye on his forehead before he becomes the designated target silhouette for late night comedians. No. Strike that. He doesn’t need the bull’s-eye. Dumbed down Americans will make popcorn to watch Jon Stewart blow him to jerky strips.

Then we lose.

What we are seeing now is a clear pattern of misconduct throughout the Obama administration, and for the first time since Monica Lewinski introduced knee-pad fashion to the United States, I agree with Lindsey Graham. Public opinion is with the Republicans. They should keep one committee going on the IRS, AP-Rosen, and Benghazi, and pressure Obama to appoint a special prosecutor.

Either that, or go on Greta and whine a lot.

HT Daily Caller

One comment on “How Many Republicans Does It Take To Investigate the IRS? 233: 1 to Hold the Gavel and 232 to Be on Greta

  1. Cedar
    May 29, 2013

    It’s it so frustrating to watch the Rinos and other Republicans try to figure out what to do. They need to put their elephant heads together and strategize on how to best attack these scandals, or the dumocrats will get the best of them in 2016 again.

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