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Juan Williams is Right About Eric Holder… Paradoxically Speaking



Juan Williams was on the O’Reilly Factor last night to defend his dadaistic position that Eric Holder should be investigating Eric Holder. The discussion became heated at one point, but you have to see Williams’ point:

1) Eric Holder didn’t do it; 2) Eric Holder can’t be expected to notice every little detail; and 3) Eric Holder should investigate Eric Holder because he went to law school.

Because when you are Juan Williams Eric Holder is reason enough for Eric Holder investigating Eric Holder.

I guess.

The Blaze (excerpted):

Appearing on “The Factor” Tuesday, Juan Williams doubled down on his assertion that it is completely appropriate that Attorney General Eric Holder is investigating actions that he personally signed off on. Williams is, of course, referring to the Justice Department’s decision to name Fox News reporter James Rosen a possible “co-conspirator” and go after his private records.

“That was lame, come on, even [for] you,” host Bill O’Reilly said. “This is big, Juan.”

Williams went on to say that national security is a serious issue and the information about North Korea’s nuclear program that Rosen obtained presented a real threat to national security….

But Williams didn’t budge. He said Holder is “exactly the right guy” to investigate the matter as a “veteran prosecutor,” prompting O’Reilly to lose his cool some more.

“So he’s going to investigate himself?” O’Reilly shot back. “Watch the replay of ‘The Factor’ tonight and listen to yourself.” [Read]

Now Bill, if Eric Holder messes up the mess on his own desk, is it still a mess? I mean did he or did he not clean up the first mess? So… see? When you look at it that way Eric Holder is the only possible person to investigate Eric Holder.

And James Rosen shouldn’t be doing stories on North Korea anyway.

HT Hot Air

One comment on “Juan Williams is Right About Eric Holder… Paradoxically Speaking

  1. Cedar
    May 29, 2013

    Every time Juan comes on Fox, I fast forward to avoid listening to his lunacy and eyeball rolling.

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