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C201302-A-David-AxelrodOkay, yes, IRS targeting was really, really unfortunate and stupid and, well, inappropriate and everything, but Republicans are making it way more than it is. Which was stupid, and did I say inappropriate?

I mean, thank God some people can see that…

Big Journalism:

Except for the not-believing-in-God part, being a Democrat has got to be a beautiful thing. What a joy it must be to have the entire media-complex standing at the ready to leap on any talking point you want leapt upon.

On Friday, the Democrats put out a memo titled “The Month of Overreach.” Naturally, it was all about slamming Republicans for daring to look into legitimate scandals like the IRS and Benghazi. And what happens Monday Morning? The front page of the Washington Post asks if the GOP is in danger of “overreaching” on the scandals.

Here is the memo.

Here is the Washington Post. [Read more]

IRS targeting, the Associated Press raid, Benghazi, James Rosen’s emails hacked? You’d think we had a coordinated effort by the White House to silence its enemies. Except we don’t and everything.

Roll over and go to sleep, man. It’s overreach.

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