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Karl Rove: Now That Bachmann’s Gone the Tea Party Will Have a Real Chance

RoveWhew! One less thing for Karl to worry about. Now if we can just find a Tea party candidate who doesn’t, I don’t know… talk?


On This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Karl Rove greeted Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann’s retirement as an opportunity to fill both her congressional seat and her committee presence with a more effective Republican.

“It will be an opening for the Tea Party,” Rove said. “Michele Bachmann was the chairman of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus, and in that position did nothing. Now the position is open, someone next year will accept the chairmanship of it, and they may do something with it.

“It also guarantees that that seat,” Rove said, “which had been thought to be very much up for grabs—she barely won last time around, ran well behind Mitt Romney—is now safely Republican. The Democrat who ran last time around, a self-funder named Graves, already announced: after Bachmann pulled out, he pulled out as well.” [Read]

Just think. If it hadn’t been for Bachmann, who won, Republicans might have run neck and neck with Romney… who lost. Or something.

Here’s our 2014 strategy: You guys give us a regular old run-of-the-mill Democrat, and we’ll pitch in a generic RINO. No, really.

What would the Tea Party do without Karl? If he hadn’t been there for us in 2012, then where would we be? Just think about that, mister.


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