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NSA: Leakees Investigate Leakers Who Leaked Leaks… Leaker Reveals

obama_holder_final-460x307The Obots at WaPo maybe should hunt a hole. After 5 years as Obama cyborgs they’ve ended up at the center of a potential NSA leaks investigation, along with the liberal British rag the Guardian.

Reuters broke the story this weekend after getting a leaker to leak the story about the investigation into the leakers who leaked the leaks the Obama administration didn’t want leaked.

No, but this is Reuters.


(Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s administration is likely to open a criminal investigation into the leaking of highly classified documents that revealed the secret surveillance of Americans’ telephone and email traffic, U.S. officials said on Friday.

The law enforcement and security officials, who were not authorized to speak publicly, said the agencies that normally conduct such investigations, including the FBI and Justice Department, were expecting a probe into the leaks to a British and an American newspaper. [Read]

Not that Obama’s Justice Department would target WaPo.

Anyway, the BIG story at WaPo is not that the NSA has gathered 20 trillion phone and email records of innocent American citizens—presumably from many who don’t even own liquor and cigarette stores—but that someone LEAKED that the NSA gathered 20 trillion telephone and email records. Right?

Everyone knows that.

Okay, it’s complicated.

But you guys at WaPo are probably all right. It’s not like he’s Nixon or anything. I mean, you haven’t been hanging out with James Rosen or anything… You haven’t, right? Been hanging with James? Rosen?

Vacuuming a few phone and email records. Pshaw!

Now those Tea Party troublemakers go and get all… patriotic and everything, wearing the Flag on their sleeves. In a blatant effort to destroy Obama and the Democratic Party. Who are for the working man and regular everyday middle-class Americans and who you can trust. IM-PLI-CIT-LY.

That Democratic Party.

Who just want us all to be safe from the domestic terrorist next door.

You’re not scared, right?


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