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Is NSA Leaker Snowden a Commie Spy?



NSA leaker — now identified as former CIA-NSA techie Edward Snowden — has ducked out of his lodgings in Hong Kong, and Washington is buzzing with rumors that he may have been operating as a Chinese spy while employed for the spy agency.

Hot Air:

Over the next few weeks, we’ll all be trying to make sense of the revelations about the NSA’s surveillance programs, and the motives of at least one man apparently behind them.  Edward Snowden unveiled himself as the source to the Washington Post and the Guardian in the UK, but Snowden wasn’t a seasoned intelligence agent or analyst, but a 29-year-old IT expert without any other advanced education.  His choice of asylum in the wake of the leaks — Hong Kong — as well as Snowden’s explanation of it raised even more eyebrows.  CNN interviewed intelligence expert Bob Baer, who pointed out all of the flaws in Snowden’s argument about the supposedly deep commitment to free speech in China… [Video]

Works for me.

Think about it. The Chinese have been hacking Obama’s intelligence systems with such regularity the CIA is ready to invite them on coffee breaks. Then you have an American president with the executive skills of a wind-up toy meeting with the Chinese president the very week the NSA data-mining scandal blows?

So just what is going on with Edward Snowden?

Location. Location. Location.

Hong Kong is not the James Bond Hong Kong of the 1950s. It is fully under Chinese control and is far from a safe harbor for a man like Snowden. When you’re in Hong Kong, your ass belongs to the Communist Chinese. That is, unless Snowden already belongs to them.

We’re not conspiracy people around here, but this looks hauntingly like the pre-Nixon China we grew up with, and the NSA date-mining scandal plays suspiciously like good old-fashioned Cold War espionage tradecraft.

The skeptics be damned, an administration is destabilized when it has to spend virtually every waking minute putting out fires; the public loses faith and people become cynical about their government, and their president.

RRG is not saying that this has happened yet, or that Snowden is a spy, but this sure reads more like Jane Fonda goes to Hanoi, than Ron Paul supporter sacrifices himself for God and country.


Oh, and did you hear about the Obama ambassador-prostitute scandal? … And State Department security official sexually assaulting women in Beirut? Oh, that’s right, you didn’t hear. Hillary Clinton covered up all of those scandals.

h/t Drudge, Gateway Pundit, Breitbart


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