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Okay, Yeah, Snowden’s a Traitor, but He’s Not a Jaywalker

article-2339202-1A3FDB38000005DC-451_634x740-531x620Government scandal hasn’t been this shrouded in mystery since Hillary Clinton ran down Daily Caller blogger Jim Treacher in a crosswalk in 2010.

Okay, Hillary wasn’t driving, or even in the State Department SUV that ran over Treacher, whose real name is Sean Medlock. But, then again, has a Clinton ever been present when a Clinton enemy was being disappeared, publically destroyed or made mysteriously dead?

So there you go. Another Hillary mystery.


Washington seems split right down the middle over Edward Snowden and his revelation that the NSA has the whole freaking country hardwired. House Speaker John Boehner (who I’ll trust to have lunch with Obama and come back with at least three fingers any day) says Snowden is a traitor, and, on the other hand, Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein says he’s a traitor.

Wait. That’s not right.

Well, yes it is actually. The real split is in the GOP… and it is probably Sarah Palin’s fault. We just threw that in because everything wrong with the Republican Party is the Tea Party’s fault. Think about it, if it weren’t for Palin we would be jumping up and down calling John McCain President RINO right now. Mm-hmm.

So what do we know about Edward Snowden that can assuage intraparty feuding over the NSA snooping scandal? Well, for one thing, he violated the terms of his government contract. Secondly, he left behind a semi-beautiful girlfriend in Hawaii when he fled, who is about to become ravishingly beautiful, if you watch tabloid TV. America. You gotta love it.

But none of that matters now. Neither the pole dancer girlfriend nor whether or not Snowden is a traitor or a hero. For the record the SOB is a traitor. There were other ways he could have exposed the alleged NSA misconduct but he instead chose to contact a liberal rag and hop a jet to China.

But the damage is done.

The question now is, is it true? Is the United States government sucking up data it has no rational reason to collect other than to have around in case it needs it later? I mean, we know who our enemy is: not a Goldstein or Johnson or Kowalski in the bunch. Okay, there was Richard Reid, but have you seen Richard Reid?

So why collect data on citizens who are not suspected of any wrongdoing? This makes about as much sense as the TSA detaining a former Secret Service agent mother because she thought her toddler needed its sippy cup on the plane.

This is the point that pundits like Charles Krauthammer, big government Republicans like Karl Rove, and establishment cheerleaders like Brit Hume either miss or simply refuse to address.

The reason for enhanced security programs is obvious. But we also should know how to do it without trampling people’s rights. Which in itself should give us all cause to wonder why the NSA is doing it, if it indeed is.

Our enemy is Muslim, but this is not a Freedom of Religion issue. There is no freedom to kill those you disagree with in the Bill of Rights. American Muslims should not mind that our government pays a little more attention to them. Funny how Jews have been putting up with crap for centuries and they aren’t blowing up parades.

If Muslims do mind, screw them, but 300 million innocent citizens should not have to suffer this abuse because one of the world’s ‘Three Great Religions’ sets by while some of its members speed-dial suicide vests.

h/t The Blaze [Image]

2 comments on “Okay, Yeah, Snowden’s a Traitor, but He’s Not a Jaywalker

  1. Tallgrass Palms
    June 11, 2013

    I’m delighted that you allowed Boehner to keep three fingers cause that’s the amount of scotch he orders just before lunch, or is that after lunch or most likely both times; anyway, he’s gonna need those fingers to determine if he got his money’s worth.

  2. Tallgrass Palms
    June 12, 2013

    Seriously, I don’t believe the NSA spying on American citizens has much to do with trying to catch international terrorists. It has to do with spying on American citizens, pure and simple, and it kinda ties in with the purchase of billions of rounds of ammo by the new domestic federal police force, aka, Homeland Security, and the harassment of American citizens by the IRS and the court ordered seizing of American reporters communications along with their American families communications. This administration is paranoid about uprisings of ordinary citizens in this country; more so than any threat from overseas. Why is it that with thousands of NSA spies, two guys from Chechnya can murder and mutilate hundreds of our citizens innocently watching a foot race, even after the Russian government tipped us off they were bad guys? The focus of this administration is on real Americans not foreign muslims living right under our noses.

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