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Kids, Learn Your Spanish… So You Too Can Give Overly-Long Speeches No One Listens To on the Senate Floor Some Day

kainepicTim Kaine (D-Virginia) is a rarity among Democrat politicians. He actually did something that resembles work before becoming a senator. Okay, it was sort of like being in the Peace Corps, except with a rosary instead of a copy of Das Kapital in his hip pocket, but at least he worked.


On Tuesday, Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine took to the Senate floor to deliver a speech about immigration — and he gave it in Spanish.

Kaine’s office did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller’s request for an English translation of the speech.

A congressional staffer pointed out to TheDC that transcripts of floor speeches are supposed to be made available immediately. Yet, one was unavailable after Kaine delivered his speech. [Video]

Well, Kaine did eventually provide a transcript of the speech in English for Senate records. Just as soon as he could find a staffer who 1) could read and write Spanish, and 2) wasn’t taking an extended lunch break with the rest of the U.S. Senate.

But take that Mr. Smarty Pants Marco Rubio!

If you patronize them they will come.

But, hey, muchas gracias for the Rosetta Stone plug. Really.


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