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Palin Rejoins Fox News: Send Flowers, Tucker Carlson

palin26f-1-webYes, that’s right. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will rejoin the lineup at Fox News and Fox Business Network on June 17th.


Fox News Channel announced on Thursday that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee, will be rejoining the network.

Palin left Fox in January, but since then she hasn’t completely disappeared from the scene, even stirring up controversy with her soon-to-be colleague Karl Rove with remarks at CPAC back in March.

Fox News chairman and chief executive Roger Ailes confirmed the news in a statement, suggesting that the move had been in the works for nearly a month. [Read]

The only question now is where in the FN studio is Tucker Carlson going to hide his aging preppy ass when Sarah shows up in town for live spots. The woman does not countenance fools or sissies. So there’s that.

You may remember Carlson has taken some low shots, and some particularly low shots at Palin, one resulting in an on air blowout with Greta Van Susteren. However, there are a couple of people over at  RINO Central blogspot who have treated the Governor with respect, so maybe all is not lost over there.

We’ll forgive Carlson when he makes a sincere apology and stands by it.


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