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Sharyl Attkisson Has Not Been Rundown in a Crosswalk

2009-06-23-CBS-EN-AttkissonSharyl Attkisson has been hacked. Sharyl Attkisson? The investigative reporter at CBS who doesn’t think Obama is God? Covered Fast & Furious? No, the ATF gun-walking scandal, not the Vin Diesel-Paul Walker movie series. That was Bob Schieffer.

Attkisson, who has also covered Benghazi and Solyndra, just like NBC and ABC, except on-air, is on the outs with the Obama White House because her reporting has placed the administration in a bad light.

Anyway, Attkisson’s CBS computer has been hacked. The reporter actually made the allegation last month but the private security firm CBS hired to investigate release its conclusions today.


Last month, CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson said that she believed her computer had been compromised and that the matter was under investigation within CBS News. Through a series of tweets released Friday, Attkisson reported that an internal CBS investigation conducted by a cyber security firm, confirmed that her computer has been hacked. Data was extracted and the investigation into the hacker is ongoing… [Read]

THIS JUST IN — Sharyl Attkisson has NOT been rundown in a Washington crosswalk by a State Department security employee who wouldn’t give his name.


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