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Glenn Beck: 72 Hours and Counting… Still Have Your Earplugs In?

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Glenn-Beck-Returning-To-TV-With-Dish-Network-DealToday’s Blog:

Excuse me if I don’t sign up for the latest Glenn Beck Onward Christian Soldiers End of the World Extravaganzas.

Don’t get me wrong, Beck is a clever man and a patriot and has been known to be right a time or two. I mean the world is eventually going to end, so he’s half right from the jump.

But is it going to end in 24 hours like Beck said… 72 hours ago?

Okay, Beck didn’t exactly predict the end of the world, but he suggested pretty much everything else. This all started on June 12 when Beck announced a whistleblower with information that would ‘pretty much collapse the whole power structure’ of the United States.

And as usual the ‘lines are being drawn’ blah blah blah blah blah blah

Of course Beck has now modified his go-to-your-bomb-shelter-now timeline to ‘sometime in the next 10 days’ but you get the picture; you should panic and buy a membership to GBTV right now.

Then there was something about Barack Obama blackmailing Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts into voting for Obamacare. Like that RINO fruitcake needed coaxing.

Look this is America, where you get to be any kind of wackadoodledoo you want, but can this guy cut us a break?

Things are bad enough out here for us guys who don’t have $100 million and a Gulfstream jet to fly us to our private island off the coast of Tonga or wherever, without Glenn spouting more of his Mormon alarmism.

Obama is evil and brother do we get it. Bought the hat and the T-shirt. This country will never be the same after he is gone. But we have to work within our democratic structure to end his destructive policies, and alarmism only makes that more difficult.

Enough with the Birther crap, okay? Maybe it’s true, but the guy is in the White House and he is going to stay in the White House until he is no longer in the White House. So let’s all just do what we can to make his life miserable while he’s there.

Okay, I still have my earplugs, just in case.


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