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Obama’s Loopy Father’s Day Message: To ‘Put-Upon’ Gay Dad’s, Mom-Dads, and Pretty Much Everyone but Dad Dads


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Proof positive that a Columbia-Harvard-educated mind is even a more a terrible thing to waist. In taking a break from the chaos that is Barack Obama’s America, the President gave his Father’s Day address today.


On Father’s Day weekend, President Obama issued his usual radio and internet address, in which he talked about his own father’s absence, talked about the heroism of single parents, and lamented the plight of put-upon gay dads. “I never really knew my own father. I was raised by a single mom and two wonderful grandparents who made incredible sacrifices for me. And there are single parents all across the country who do a heroic job raising terrific kids,” he said. “Being a good parent – whether you’re gay or straight; a foster parent or a grandparent – isn’t easy. It demands your constant attention, frequent sacrifice, and a healthy dose of patience. And nobody’s perfect. To this day, I’m still figuring out how to be a better husband to my wife and father to my kids.”

Matching Americans’ newfound prioritization of a father’s role as less of a breadwinner than a comfort-bringer, President Obama made no mention of father as provider.

Oops. Barack left out Transgender Dads… who are really Mom-Dads. Except on Mother’s Day when they’re Dad-Moms… So, wait, they get two special days? Okay, we’ll have to fix that but you know what I mean. Talk about your parenting plights and everything.

Maybe we should just have an Everybody Day so no one gets left out.

Anyway, Barack’s message wasn’t so much about Father’s Day as it was… well, Barack Obama.

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