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About Us…

Regular Right Guy was launched as Mornin’ Mojo during the Tea Party Revolution of 2010.

Our focus is conservative politics with a decidedly irreverent bent: inane liberals, establishment Republicans, wacko fringe groups, if they strike us as funny, insulting, or subversive to the freedoms so vital to the American experience, we pipe up.

Although we try to remain lighthearted we also recognize that freedom is serious business and that cultural Marxists, dumbed-down, apathetic voters and political opportunists, left and right, are eroding the American way of life.

Regular Right Guy’s goal is to do our part in raising public awareness about the issues that place our freedoms in jeopardy, from an increasingly activist Supreme Court, to the mythical climate change and green energy agenda; the identity politics of the Left, illegal immigration, gun control, fiscal and foreign policy, and the unique form of what we will call “eurocreep” that is infecting both our government and culture.

We are zealous advocates of the Free Market and believe that government should not do what corporate America and free enterprise can do better, which is almost everything.

We are not ‘homophobic’ but neither do we believe gays have an inherent minority right as a people-group; we believe homosexuality is a choice as with any other sexual preference and does not entitle one to universal public acceptance. Try living black for 150 years, picking cotton with some ugly SOB beating you twice a week. That’s intolerance.

We believe fervently in the Right to Bear Arms; you will not get or guns without a fight.

We won’t delete comments unless they are deemed by us to be abusive, threatening, racial or contain unacceptable language. Regular Right Guy will defend to the death your right to use the N-word, but not on this blog.

Regular Right Guy will define and determine what is unacceptable on a case-by-case basis. If we don’t like you, well, that’s not a plus.

We cherish our Right to Bear Arms, but we will not tolerate threats of violence against any citizen public or private. Be forewarned: We will cooperate with law enforcement to expose the author of any comments we deem threatening.

Regular Right Guy is published daily by D. Ray Aldridge under the pseudonym Regular Right Guy. All copyrights foreign and domestic apply and are in effect.

© 2012, 2013, D.R. Aldridge

One comment on “About Us…

  1. AC
    March 13, 2013

    Fabulous Blog so keep up the good work & the not so PC humor….. We need that!!’
    Things are pretty depressing these days

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